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(Firstly, the Rijksmuseum website is one of the MOST beautiful things you will ever witness virtually.

Secondly, these are beautiful.

Thirdly, with the right means you can use their images to make awesome stuff!

… Lastly, Masters is hard, all I want to do is watch anime, and look at pretty pictures - which, ironically, is what my masters entails …)


The house of Dior has recently unveiled a new exhibit so aptly named ‘Le Petit Théâtre Dior’ in Chendgu, China in which this glorious installation features sixty miniature haute couture dresses from the entire archive, my favourite piece being this - the ‘Miss Dior’ gown from the Spring/Summer 1941 collection. Adorned with flowers such as roses, jasmine, and lilac these tiny blooms are hand made by the immaculate artisans who work meticulously in the ateliers with unmatched dedication and a delicate touch all to create something magical, and even though this piece is miniature the beauty that it radiates is of grand proportions. Whilst most of the petite pieces are in groups, this flowerful look plays a big part in the installation; mechanical blossoms of pink shades rise from the ground in front of a giant flower whose petals open to reveal the dainty dress in all it’s glory, surely enchanting anyone who is lucky enough to see. pictures via.

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